Hand Rolled Incense Sticks

Hand Rolled Incense Sticks

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The Mother’s Fragrance incense sticks are hand-rolled according to the age-old masala method (no dipping in chemical solvents) from the finest nature-friendly ingredients including sandalwood and other scented wood powders, fragrant leaves, bark, root and gum resins, floral and other essential oils.

Each fragrance has honey and a resin called Halmaddi as its base. This resin gives the fragrances their full, sweet scent and makes the sticks soft to touch.

The incense sticks will burn approx. 1-2 hour

20 sticks per packet


Agni – A perfect harmony of balsamic ambrette seeds, refreshing orange blossom & woody cedar.

Amrita – patchouli, stable cedar & spicy cinnamon

Ananda – rose, jasmine & lavender

Aravind – jasmine, gardenia, roses & Indian Champa flower

Atma – lavender, geranium, Indian kewda flower, vetiver & clove

Bhakti – rose, geranium, patchouli, cedar & tuber rose

Buddha – sandal, vetiver, patchouli and milky balsams

Chakra – jasmine, tuber rose, cyclamen & Lily

Clary Sage – blended with rosemary, spice, lavender & orange blossoms

Dharma – Mystic aroma based on traditional notes of native amber & musk

Dhyana – meaning Meditation, mystic and ancient benzoin & sacred sandal

Frankincense – sweet Frankincense

Ganesh – Aroma of a fresh & modern blend of Lavender with sensuous note of Patchouli & Amber.

Govinda – champa flower, neroli, ylang ylang & roses

Hansa – amber, vetiver & Indian kewda 

Lakshmi – ancient temple fragrance

Lavanya – jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla & cedar

Lila – patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss & tuberose

Moksha – Kashmiri saffron, lily of the valley & tuberose

Om – golden champa, spicy cassia & vanilla

Oudh – warm velvety fragrance of agarwood. Deep, rich & sensuous

Palo Santo – a sweet celestial fragrance instils peace of mind, attracts good spirits & positive energies

Radha – wild rose & spicy geranium

Rishi – roses, jasmine & blue violets (a favourite of children & teens)

Sattwa – Indian kewda, vetiver, lavender & tuberose

Shanti – meaning Peace – temple fragrance

Siddhartha – ylang ylang, neroli, roses, lilac & patchouli 

Vishnu – saffron, oak, atlas cedar and jasmine

Yoga – ideal for meditation & inner peace